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Debunking the Myths About Hospice Care


Hospice care can be challenging. It is a set of services that some of us may have the chance to need someday. As scary as you may think it is, however, death is inevitable. No one can escape it. Alongside hospice care, there are a lot of myths attached to its name that give second thoughts to people in need of it. That is why, as a provider of hospice and palliative care services, we are here to debunk a few of them. 

  • Myth #1: Hospice is only for those who are nearing death. 

    As a reliable hospice in Highland,Indiana, the family-centered concept of care we provide allows not only the patients but also the family members to receive the care services we offer, such as counseling and more.

  • Myth #2: Hospice is only for those who are not afraid of death. 

    While hospice is beneficial for patients with terminal illnesses, it is undeniably a struggle for some to come to terms with death. We understand where they are coming from, which is why we are here to support them through counseling and coordinate with their families about their needs and preferences. 

  • Myth #3: Hospice is for hopeless cases. 

    There are only two options whenever one’s death is in sight. Submit to the fact that death is near and there’s no hope left or live life to the fullest! The beauty of hospice lies in the capacity of hospice care providers and how they help families enjoy and savor every moment while it lasts. It may include medical and spiritual care at most.

Here at TRANQUILITY HOSPICE AND PALLIATIVE CARE, a reputable provider of hospice and palliative care in Indiana, we aim to help families in need of our services. Please reach out to us immediately!

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